E115 Cassandra Willow

E115 Cassandra Willow – The Brand Mythologist

September 15, 2023

Episode 115 Original Release Date: September 15, 2023 Cassie Clouser, now known as “Cassandra Willow”, is a Brand Mythologist who helps entrepreneurs and creative agencies inspire and create memorable impressions through bold, story-driven graphic design and impactful brand messaging. She studied direct response graphic design through the American Writers and Artists Institute. She has also been a speaker for TEDX Youngstown and is a classically trained pianist from Baldwin Wallace Conservatory of Music. The Authenticity Show. Real People. Authentic Conversations. A podcast exploring health, creativity, and the quest for excellence. Show Hosts: Carlos Casados and Satch Purcell Producer: Oliver Althoen Original Music by: Olliver Althoen Video: Dannie Hofmann www.authenticityshow.com