E53: Shame in Sheep’s Clothing & Warrior Women w/Petalyn Albert

Did you know that shame is the first emotion presented in the bible? Our great friend and compassionate, deep thinker Petalyn Albert returns for another fascinating conversation with Carlos and Satch. This time around they have a deep and meaningful conversation about the relationship between shame, forgiveness and compassion, and the ways shame often shows up dressed as other things.
Petalyn also shares some of her fascinating thoughts and ideas about the archetype of the Warrior Woman and a new project she is working on to help guide women who identify with or relate to this archetype through the process of gracefully, authentically and unapologetically embodying this way of being for a more fulfilling life.
You’ll also get to hear one of Oliver’s fun, funky and clever songs created from some things Petalyn said in her previous episode!
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E52: Fun & Functional Nutrition w/Maritza Worthington

Did you know healing your body can be a delicious adventure? Listen in as Carlos and Satch have an inspiring conversation with Maritza Worthington, a Functional Nutritionist based in Fullerton, CA. She shares about her own health challenges that led her down the path of healing and fascination with Functional Nutrition, and shares something quite unique that she has in common with Mel Gibson. Not only does she help her clients heal their bodies from the inside out with her nutritional approach, she helps inspire their curiosity to embark on a culinary adventure with delicious recipes and alternatives that your body and taste buds will love.
This episode is filled to the brim with valuable health and body wisdom, and as a special treat and thank you from us and Maritza for listening to the show, we’ll send you two of her recipes and all you gotta do is ask! Really! After you listen to the episode, simply send us a private message at our Facebook or Instagram telling us the names of the recipes she talks about and we’ll reply back with them, just like that… no strings attached!
If the episode piques your curiosity and you want to go ahead and connect with Maritza directly, she has also generously offered all of our listeners and social media followers a complimentary call with her to discover how you can become and even better YOU with her customized and effective nutritional approach. And you don’t even need to message us for that! You can go straight tohttps://maritzasmedizen.com/discovery where you can answer a few questions that will help her prepare for your call together. As you’ll hear in the episode, she has a wealth of knowledge about health, food, and the body so talking with her about your unique concerns and challenges around health is sure to provide an incredible benefit toward your health goals.
Can’t wait to send you those recipes, be sure to message us with the names of them after you listen to the episode!
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